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I give Joey Holz and 4J Properties the highest of recommendations.  I had high expectations for my house renovation, and Joey and his crew went above and beyond in regards to staying on budget, staying on time, and superior craftsmanship. 

We underwent the challenge of turning a 1951 ranch into a two story, 5 bedroom, 3 bath house with an open floor plan. [See images below for a remarkable before/after comparison.]

We considered and got bids from six different builders.  If you’re anything like us, all we wanted to do was avoid the horror stories one hears so often about builders’ poor work, being grossly over budget, and barely having workers on the job site.  Needless to say, this was a monumental decision for our family.

What we loved about 4J’s bid was that immediately they laid out a plan.  Joey put together an itemized spreadsheet detailing his expectations of cost for each part of the construction.  As the build progressed, Joey went above and beyond every week by sending us an invoice showing every receipt for every expense and adjusting the spreadsheet to show actual expenditures.  This gave us the ability to know where we were in relation to our budget every step of the way.  Therefore, if we decided to do an unforeseen upgrade (of which there were many), we knew if we could afford it based on savings or overages in other parts of the build. 

During the construction process, not a day went by that 4J’s workers weren’t on our house site.  The speed of the build was amazing.  Communication is key—I could count on Joey, or anyone from 4J, to talk with me about any questions I had or any decision I needed to make along the way.  Joey did an excellent job of laying out the cost/benefit of any decision we made.  Looking at our house today, there is no way you’d know this was a 60 plus year old house—the workmanship is that good.  I was amazed that they were able to turn our outdated bungalow into our family’s house of the future in just over 3 months.  It took us longer to get the construction loan approved than to have the house built!

I know this decision you are about to make is so important.  I’m not taking this recommendation lightly.  Using Joey Holz and 4J Properties is the second best decision of my life (behind marrying my wife); I couldn’t be more pleased.


Brad Grulke

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